The Vox Squadron:

Rising from the Ashes

Story and Photo by Bill Martin

Tahlequah based The Vox Squadron is one of those feel good stories about a group of kids who have known each other most if not all their lives. They grew up having similar interests and talents.

But lives and musical aspirations were shattered in February 2014 with the passing of beloved bandmate 37-year-old Chris Roso, of the group Locus. Now fast forward to last year when Jack Myers, best friends with Roso, fulfilled his dream of putting together a blues/rock band.

“The Vox Squadron was formed in September 2014 out of the ashes of the band Locus,” says Jack. “Chris Roso was the lead guitarist for Locus. He was my best friend when he died of leukemia.”

This spurred Jack to contact former Locus bassist Richard Wood. They later started jamming with drummer Jeremy Scott. After a couple months, they added Aaron Lee on keys, who plays with Richard in a couple other bands.

They have since released a debut CD Crashing Down that received a rave review (Blues News August/September 2015).

“I’d never written a song before,” Jack states. “Crashing Down was the first song I ever wrote,” who also penned the other 9 songs on the album (2 songs were co-written with Richard Another Life & Split Personality).

Although Jack grew up playing guitar with his buddies, his career kind of got in the way. Today he has a general surgery practice in Tahlequah focusing on more complicated procedures that are minimally invasive. That’s right – Dr. Jack Myers.

As the band’s lead guitarist and vocalist, Jack says, “I’m having the time of life with these guys.”

Richard recalls that after the death of Roso, members of Locus continued playing as the trio Critical Mass (with Aaron Pride, drums and Steve Kirkpatrick, guitar and vocals).

Jeremy adds that when Jack came along wanting to form a band, “I knew he had a big sound. I like big guitars and as a drummer it makes me play even bigger.” Aaron added “When I heard the Trio’s sound, I knew I had to be a part of this.”

Crashing Down starts with out the CD with a heavy metal sound as the band was looking for a WWII air raid sound effect.

“Aaron borrowed an actual air raid siren from that era (from fellow musician James Townsend), put a dimmer switch on it, and we miked it from across the room at Jeremy’s brother’s house (Tru Sound Studios), then we used computer generated planes and bomb crashing effects,” Jack relates.

Jeremy jokingly adds, the four airplanes flying over signify the four band members “…coming in to destroy a village of people that are just trying to live their lives, but we’re a bunch of jerks!” This band is serious, but funny and fun. A little humor never hurts!

Jack already has incorporated a handful of new songs into their live set and is planning the next CD release with all new originals around spring of next year.