Dr. Jack Myers - Vocals, Guitars and Chief Songwriter
Dr. Jack Myers
Vocals, Guitars,
Chief Songwriter
Richard Wood - Bass and Backup Vocals
Richard Wood
Bass, Backup Vocals
Aaron Lee - Organ, Keyboards, and Backup Vocals
Aaron Lee
Organ, Keyboards
Backup Vocals
Jacob Martin - Drums
Jacob Martin

We grew up in Tahlequah, Oklahoma loving music. We each went our separate ways to make lives for ourselves, but were constantly pulled back to music. In the beginning of 2014 we lost a great friend/fellow musician, Chris Roso. From this sadness grew a new passion for music.

This band is all about having fun, while exploring the possibilities music can provide. We never want to be stagnate with what we are creating. It’s all about pushing the envelope, right to the verge of awesomeness. We continually strive to add new things, and change things we already do evolving our sound constantly.

Crashing Down is dedicated to:

Christopher Scott Roso
Christopher Scott Roso
9/1/1976 – 2/11/2014