Crashing Down

The Vox Squadron:

The B-52 bomber releasing a horde of bombs ought to be the first clue of this CD declaring war on something – maybe mediocre music? But if the album cover doesn’t do it, the title cut Crashing Down, with an authentic WWII air raid siren certainly does as it bleeds into an electric guitar solo by Jack Myers. And this is just the beginning of 10 original gems.

The Vox Squadron from Tahlequah may be little known, but that will be changing. Myers also handles vocals and most of the songwriting. He’s backed by veterans Richard Wood, bass; Jeremy Scott, drums; and Aaron Lee, keyboards. This is blues rock at its best, until they head into the instrumental territory of G Minor Cowgirl in 3/4 Time and you travel into a southern jam – Jessica (Allman Brothers), or even Gypsy (Dusin Pittsley). Myers’ fine vocals and several of the songs bring Ian Moore to mind. I haven’t heard a better blues/rock album this year. This quartet has a big sound; they are original and unique. I expect big things from them. – Bill Martin