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Oklahoma Skies Review

By Bill Martin

Most of us mere mortals are fortunate to have one good gift getting us through life that hopefully results in happiness, financial security and makes this world a better place. But when you are the head surgeon at a hospital with patients putting their lives in your hands you would think it would be enough.

When Dr. Jack Myers lays down his scalpel, he sometimes unleashes a lot of frustration, hopes and dreams by being a very good composer, guitarist and vocalist.

His Tahlequah-based band Vox Squadron has released its second album, Oklahoma Skies. It is a follow up to their initial album, Crashing Down released four years ago. (See CD review, Blues News September/October 2015). There have been very few records I’ve listened to and enjoyed as much as Oklahoma Skies and Crashing Down. That’s how much I love this band.

Oklahoma Skies continues the journey launched from the first album, but the new one also ventures more into a blues zone, while the boys continue an uncharted journey as real rockers.

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